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Title: Enzymes Everywhere
Authors: Shewale, J. G.
Keywords: Enzymes
Issue Date: 28-Aug-2009
Series/Report no.: CSIR Golden Jubilee Series
Publication No. 19
Abstract: Almost all people come to know about enzymes during their school days while learning about the process of digestion. However, few 'non-scientific' professionals remain aware of their impc:tance once formal education is over. Enzymes, are one of the few groups of macromolecules that control the existence of living matter on earth. The importance of en-zymes becomes evident when one realizes that the synthesis of other crucial regulatory molecules such as DNA, hor-mones, and neuropeptides are catalysed by enzymes. Though the occurrence of enzymes has been known for centuries, the field of enzymes has seen a revolution only in the last 50 years or so with technological developments in diversified areas like fermentation, separation techniques, genetic engineering, immobilization and bioreactors. All these are covered by a single scientific discipline called Biotechnology. The methodologies are now so advanced that it is possible to selectively alter properties of an enzyme to suit a particular application. My purpose of writing this book is to share th~ new developments in the field of enzymes and their uses with those who do not consciously think about the manifold ,ways in which enzymes touch everyday lives. I hope that the readers come to the conclusion that enzymes play an in-despensible role in keeping us healtheir, happier and more content.
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