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Title: Biotechnology in Health Care
Authors: Shewale, J. G.
Keywords: Healthcare
Issue Date: 28-Aug-2009
Series/Report no.: Foundation of Biotechnology Series
Book No. 6
Abstract: Biotechnology ranks among three great technologi-cal revolutions of this century which include quantum mechanics and electronics. Modern biotechnology is a new and developing field of science although classical biotechnological applications for the preparation of food and beverages were known in ancient times. Cur-rent biotechnology is a multidisciplinary subject involv-ing interactions with diverse branches of science which include biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biol-ogy, organic chemistry and engineering. New knowl-edge developed in individual disciplines is expanding the scope of applications of biotechnology. The range of biotechnology products covers food, chemicals, ag-riculture and health care. The achievements are spec-tacular and future is exciting. This book describes some important contributions of biotechnology mainly to health care, the area of utmost importance to tis. Every attempt is made to make the book understandable without being technical to the undergraduate students. The objective is to high-light the impact and scope ofbiotechnology on our well-being.
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