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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
NSDL Book.pdf.jpg2011-07-21T06:47:32ZIgneous RocksShrivastava, J P
2009-04-13T06:48:34ZIIMK’s Experience with Greenstone in Building Digital Library CollectionsSreekumar, M.G.
ImmuneSystem.pdf.jpg2007-12-24T05:27:17ZImmune systemGupta, Kusum R.; Virdi, J.S.
Immunoglobulin.pdf.jpg2008-03-04T05:17:31ZImmunoglobulin: Structure and FunctionTiwari, Ashutosh; Sinha, Subrata; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
Immunoglobulins - Formatted.pdf.jpg2008-01-25T06:20:30ZImmunoglobulins: Structure and FunctionBhattacharya, Amit; Singh, Sukh Mahendra
ImmunoTechniques.pdf.jpg2008-03-11T05:03:12ZImmunological techniques and their applicationsSrikanth, K S; Sharma, Naveen; Garg, Rohini; Qadri, Ayub; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
revised Impurities in pharmaceutical substances.pdf.jpg2008-10-23T10:03:22ZImpurities in Pharmaceutical SubstancesGoel, Neelima; Bhardwaj, T.R.
Tribal women in India.pdf.jpg2009-04-23T10:33:38Z"In Search of a Canopy: Tribal Women's Livelihood in Forest-Based Industries in Rural India."Ghosh, Nilabja
4.5Indian social system_nilika.pdf.jpg2007-10-03T07:15:51ZIndian Social SystemMehrotra, Neelika
Indian village as a  unity and extension, village and caste-by Suninder (1).pdf.jpg2010-02-11T09:13:11ZIndian village as a unity and extension, village and casteKaur, Suninder
IndustrialApplication.pdf.jpg2008-09-04T05:36:32ZIndustrial and clinical applications excluding Diagnostic clinical enzymologySengupta, Subhabrata; Dasgupta, Mayura; Sanwal, G.G.
industrial aspects of inorganic chemistry.pdf.jpg2007-10-12T06:38:08ZIndustrial Aspects of Inorganic ChemistrySharma, Neeraj; Puri, J K
2007-10-24T10:57:58ZIndustrial Aspects of Physical ChemistrySyal, V; Lal, Krishan
2008-06-23T09:37:15ZIndustrial MicrobiologyTewari, Rupinder; Sannabhadti, S.S.
2007-05-31T10:33:39ZIndustrial production of ethanol in IndiaDhamija, S. S.; Sangwan, Seema; Gunasekaran, P.
corrected Infrared spectroscopy.pdf.jpg2008-10-20T04:37:15ZInfrared SpectrometryHamid, Hinna; Gupta, Monica
revised insect pest and their management.pdf.jpg2008-01-30T04:33:11ZInsect Pests and their ManagementPaul, A. V. Navarajan; Gupta, G.P.
Insecticidal_Methods - Formatted.pdf.jpg2007-12-06T05:02:26ZInsecticidal Methods of Pest ControlSingh, Dileep K.; Trivedi, Dr. T.P.