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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Abiotic Facors - Formatted.pdf.jpg2008-02-13T07:06:00ZAbiotic FactorsNarula, Laxmi; Chakrabarty, Rina
revised acid bases.pdf.jpg2008-03-04T05:28:11ZAcids, Bases and Non-Aqueous SolventsUpadhya, K N; Krishnan, V
revised additives for rubber.pdf.jpg2007-11-06T06:14:18ZAdditives for RubbersNiyogi, Utpal Kumar; Varma, I.K.
pdf revised cooperation final.pdf.jpg2008-02-04T05:43:40ZAgricultural CooperationChahal, G S; Mathur, V C
PDF revised agricultural CREDIT.pdf.jpg2008-02-04T05:51:16ZAgricultural CreditBadal, P S; Mathur, V C
PDF revised AGRICULTURAL FINANCE-corrected.pdf.jpg2008-02-04T05:48:30ZAgricultural FinancePandey, U K; Mathur, V C
revised agroforestry.pdf.jpg2008-05-28T03:59:58ZAgroforestryTewari, Salil K.; Rai, P
Atmospheric Pollution.pdf.jpg2009AIR, WATER AND SOIL-
Alcohols phenols.pdf.jpg2007-09-27T04:55:30ZAlcohols, Phenols, Ethers and EpoxidesJain, S C; Singh, A K
PDF aldehydes and ketones.pdf.jpg2007-09-27T04:47:57ZAldehydes and KetonesBhushan, Ravi; Singh, S P
Revised organic chemistry.pdf.jpg2008-10-21T10:41:32ZAlkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Alkyl Halides, Alicyclic Hydrocarbons, Alcohols, Ethers and Epoxides, Aldehydes and Ketones, Carboxylic Acids and their Functional DerivativesBano, Sameena; Gupta, Monica
alkyl and aryl halides.pdf.jpg2009-01-23T04:56:25ZAlkyl Halides and Aryl HalidesSrivastava, Anju; Kessar, S V
corrected Alternate system of medicine.pdf.jpg2008-07-31T08:49:58ZAlternate Systems of MedicineMir, Showkat Rasool; Ansari, S.H
AminoAcidMetabolism.pdf.jpg2008-10-07T07:39:35ZAmino acid metabolismGhosh, Prahlad C.; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
AminoAcids.pdf.jpg2008-10-07T06:39:23ZAmino acidsMahdi, Abbas Ali; Somani, B.L.
corrected Amino acids and Protein.pdf.jpg2008-09-09T11:40:08ZAmino Acids and ProteinsBano, Sameena; Minu, Maninder
Amphibians - Formatted.pdf.jpg2008-01-04T09:02:44ZAmphibiaKhanna, Monisha; R.K. Saxena
Angiosperms II - Formatted.pdf.jpg2007-11-28T03:47:02ZAngiosperms - Nomenclature, Classification, Taxonomic evidence – Role of Cytology, Phytochemistry and TaximetricsSharma, M.P.; Chauhan, S.V.S.
Angiosperms I - formatted.pdf.jpg2007-11-27T08:53:47ZAngiosperms: Origin And EvolutionPullaiah, T.