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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
CarbohydrateMetabolism.pdf.jpg2007-05-15T11:28:01ZCarbohydrate MetabolismBaquer, Najma Z.; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
CellMediatedImmunity.pdf.jpg2008-03-05T09:20:46ZCell mediated ImmunityKrishna Prasad; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
ComplementSystem.pdf.jpg2008-03-05T09:15:28ZComponents of the Complement System and Pathways of Complement ActivationSrivastava, Tapasya; Sinha, Subrata; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
ElectronTransportChain.pdf.jpg2008-02-20T05:15:27ZElectron Transport Chain and Oxidative PhosphorylationGoswami, S. K.; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
MHC_HLA.pdf.jpg2008-02-20T09:22:28ZElementary Knowledge of Major Histocompatibility Complex and HLA TypingSrivastava, Tapasya; Sinha, Subrata; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
Immunoglobulin.pdf.jpg2008-03-04T05:17:31ZImmunoglobulin: Structure and FunctionTiwari, Ashutosh; Sinha, Subrata; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
ImmunoTechniques.pdf.jpg2008-03-11T05:03:12ZImmunological techniques and their applicationsSrikanth, K S; Sharma, Naveen; Garg, Rohini; Qadri, Ayub; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
MetabolicPathways.pdf.jpg2007-05-24T09:45:34ZInterrelationships of Metabolic PathwaysBaquer, Najma Z.; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
Metabolism_intro.pdf.jpg2007-05-15T11:23:01ZIntroduction to Metabolism and BioenergeticsBaquer, Najma Z.; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
LipidMetabolism.pdf.jpg2008-09-25T10:16:04ZLipid metabolismLuthra, Kalpana; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
NucleotideMetabolism.pdf.jpg2008-10-07T08:44:05ZNucleotide metabolismGhosh, Prahlad C.; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
Immunity_overview.pdf.jpg2008-02-20T09:17:52ZAn Overview of Immunity: Innate And Adaptive ImmunitySrivastava, Tapasya; Sinha, Subrata; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
Photosynthesis.pdf.jpg2007-05-24T09:27:15ZPhotosynthesisTaneja, Veena; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
PorphyeinMetabolism.pdf.jpg2008-01-03T08:41:54ZPorphyrin MetabolismNigam, Puneet Kumar; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan