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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-05-15T04:18:12ZVirusesAnjaiah Vanamala; Kapoor, Rupam
2007-05-15T04:20:03ZBacteriaPaul, A.K.; Kapoor, Rupam
2007-05-15T05:22:06ZProteinsKhan, M. Y.; Saxena, Sangeeta; Sharma, N. C.
2007-05-15T06:54:19ZIntroduction to Biophysical and Biochemical TechniquesMisra, M. K.; Misra, P.C.
2007-05-15T06:59:51ZChromatographyMisra, M. K.; Misra, P.C.
2007-05-15T07:03:38ZElectrophoresisMisra, M. K.; Misra, P.C.
2007-05-15T07:15:00ZRadio-isotopic techniquesBal, C. S.; Misra, P.C.
2007-05-15T07:19:16ZSpectroscopic TechniquesRajeswari, M. R.; Misra, P.C.
2007-05-15T11:23:01ZIntroduction to Metabolism and BioenergeticsBaquer, Najma Z.; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
2007-05-15T11:28:01ZCarbohydrate MetabolismBaquer, Najma Z.; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
2007-05-24T09:27:15ZPhotosynthesisTaneja, Veena; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
2007-05-24T09:45:34ZInterrelationships of Metabolic PathwaysBaquer, Najma Z.; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
2007-05-24T10:06:47ZVitaminsKoner, Bidhan Chandra; Srivastava, K.K.
2007-05-24T10:29:44ZMicrobiology of Fermented Dairy ProductsGandhi, D. N.; Prajapati, J.B.
2007-05-24T10:34:46ZFood as substrate for microorganismsReddy, Gopal; Prajapati, J.B.
2007-05-24T10:41:55ZFood Borne Diseases and ControlReddy, Gopal; Prajapati, J.B.
2007-05-24T10:50:51ZGenetic exchange: DNA transfer mechanisms in bacteriaSardesai, Abhijit A.; Gowrishankar, J.; Srivastava, Sheela
2007-05-24T11:09:54ZOrigin and Introduction of Crop Plants, Cereals and PulsesRao, I. Usha; Vashistha, B D
2007-05-24T11:11:33ZPotato, Sugarcane and Vegetable OilsRao, G.P.; Vashistha, B D
2007-05-24T11:13:52ZFibres, Rubber, Firewood, Timber and BamboosGowda, Bal Krishna; Vashistha, B D