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Title: Ceramics Are Forever
Authors: Sharma, B. C.
Keywords: Ceramics
Issue Date: 28-Aug-2009
Series/Report no.: CSIR Golden Jubilee Series
Publication No.6
Abstract: Man and materials have a symbiotic relationship. Throughout the ages, man has perfected new materials and new materials have changed the lifestyles of mankind. In-deed, new materials have ushered in new civilizations. Ceramics were the first man-made materials. If the ancient ceramics in the form of pottery were useful because fire and water had no adverse effect on them, the modem ceramics derive their importance from their unique magnetic and electrical properties. This little book seeks to project the versatility of ceramics, which have many interesting properties and comprise a large variety of products. It is not possible to cover all of these in a small book. A choice had, therefore, to be made, keeping in view the general nOll-specialist readers for whom this book is meant. Thus, a brief introduction to the variety of ceramic products serving in household and various industries is followed by a peep into the nature of clay and its properties that made possible the use of clay as the material for first man-made products. Pottery - its broad categories and a brief account of its growth - is covered next. Strengths and failures of ceramics as structural materials and reasons thereof are described in the next chapter. Electrical behaviour of ceramics is the source of a great number of practical applications. These are covered in the next two chapters. The last chapter is devoted to the medical uses of ceramics. If those already familiar with ceramics feel that some topics are covered in less detail or choice of topics is somewhat arbitrary, I plead guilty. There is no claim to or attempt at completeness. My aim has been to introduce the general reader to the fascinating versatility of ceramics. I have en-joyed writing this book and if readers find it worthwhile my purpose will be served.
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