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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
pdf 4.4 NISCAIR-Racial-Ethnic-Relgious-Linguistic-Groups-India-Text-Revised.pdf.jpg2007-10-21T09:40:31ZRacial, Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Elements in Indian PopulationBhasin, M K
Radio Frequency Identification Fundamentals and Applications, Design Methods and Solutions.pdf.jpg2010-02Radio Frequency Identification-
Radioisotopic_techniques.pdf.jpg2007-05-15T07:15:00ZRadio-isotopic techniquesBal, C. S.; Misra, P.C.
PDFRadioactive Minerals.pdf.jpg2008-08-14T04:47:16ZRadioactive MineralsDhana Raju, R; Deb, Mihir
RAPESEED AND MUSTARD - FORMATTED.pdf.jpg2008-02-04T10:50:44ZRapeseed And MustardAhlawat, I.P.S.; Gautam, R.C
2009-06-01T09:08:11ZRDBMS concepts and MS SQL ServerPund, Mukesh
Revised REACTORS AND FUNDAMENTALS OF.pdf.jpg2008-09-25T11:19:10ZReactors and Fundamentals of Reactors Design for Chemical ReactionNanda, Sanju; Chauhan, Meenakshi
RDNA.pdf.jpg2009-01-21T10:01:17ZRecombinant DNA Technology and its ApplicationsJain, S. K.; Saxena, Sandeep
EnzymeRegulation.pdf.jpg2008-08-21T09:06:02ZRegulation of enzyme activityMisra, P.C.; Sanwal, G.G.
GeneExpression.pdf.jpg2008-03-18T11:19:29ZRegulation of Gene ExpressionShukla, Abhay Anand; Jain, Misti; Chauhan, Shyam S.; Sinha , Subrata
Reproduction - Formatted.pdf.jpg2008-04-01T03:59:16ZReproductionKurup, Vani T.
2007-12-17T07:26:47ZRespirationBhatia, Smita
Formatted - RESPIRATION.pdf.jpg2007-10-29T08:40:18ZRespirationRawat, M.S.; Shitole, M.G
RICE - FORMATTED.pdf.jpg2008-02-13T10:01:22ZRiceGangaiah, B.; Gautam, R.C
Rock and Ore Forming Minerals.PDF.jpg2007Rock and Ore Forming MineralsShrivastava, J. P.
PDF Rural development programme.pdf.jpg2008-02-04T06:14:50ZRural Development ProgrammeChandra, Subhash; Hansra, B S
PDF Rural Leadership.pdf.jpg2008-02-04T05:57:23ZRural LeadershipBhagat, Rekha; Hansra, B S
revised Safety aspects of coatings.pdf.jpg2007-10-12T10:42:01ZSafety Aspects of CoatingsAhmed, Sharif; Varma, I K
SAFFLOWER- FORMATTED.pdf.jpg2008-02-06T07:35:22ZSafflowerAhlawat, I.P.S.; Gautam, R.C
sericulture - Formatted.pdf.jpg2007-12-07T08:35:12ZSericultureTumul Singh; Garg, Prof. S.K.