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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-04-23T06:35:01ZStatistical Decision Making - ContentsGoyal, Babita
2007-09-19T03:49:10ZStatus of Tribal WomenBhasin, Veena
2009-06-05T07:03:51ZStem Cells - Basics-
2008-11-04T05:52:06ZStereochemistryAhmad, Shamim; Yadav, M.R.
2007-10-09T05:22:27ZStereochemistry of Organic CompoundsTandon, Anita; Kessar, S V
2008-07-24T05:52:10ZSterilization Methods and PrinciplesSultana, Yashmin; Jain, N.K.
2008-09-11T06:14:24ZSteroidsAhmed, Bahar; Gupta, Monica
2008-03-19T09:11:08ZStructural Levels of Nucleic Acids and SequencingChauhan, Shyam S.; Dhanda, J.S.; Sinha, Subrata
2008-12-04T11:41:41ZStructure and function of cell and its organellesGupta, P. D.; Pushkala, K.; Kucheria, Kiran
2008-04-23T06:04:01ZStructure of Archael, Eubacterial and Eukaryotic Microbial CellsSharma, Anjana; Saxena, Rajendra K.
2008-04-08T06:11:47ZStructures and Functions of BiomoleculesKhare, S.K.; Venkateswar Rao, L.
2007-10-08T07:11:49ZStudy of the general characteristics of disease caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoaPrasad, Gaya; Minakshi; Dahiya, Swati; Virdi, J.S.
2008-02-07T07:23:37ZSugar beetAhlawat, I.P.S.; Gautam, R.C
2008-02-07T06:29:15ZSugarcaneAhlawat, I.P.S.; Gautam, R.C
2008-02-06T10:53:20ZSunflowerAhlawat, I.P.S.; Gautam, R.C
2008-02-20T10:11:17ZSunnhempGangaiah, B.; Gautam, R.C
2007-10-15T04:31:28ZSurface Chemistry and ColloidsGhosh, A K; Srivastava, SK
2001Survey of Environmental GeobiochemistryLower, Stephen K.
2008-06-18T07:03:14ZSustainable AgricultureSubba Rao, A.; Mandal, K.G.; Singh, Panjab
2008-12-02T11:30:28ZSynthetic Polymers and DyesKhandal, R. K.; Singh, A K