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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-03-10T05:51:51ZManagement of Rainfed AgricultureRana, D.S.; Pal, Mahendra
2007Manual On Environmental Health Indicators and Benchmarks: Human Rights Perspectives Science and Human Rights Program,Karim Ahmed, A.; Ferring, Anya; Ruiz, Lina Ibarra
2008-10-20T06:01:19ZMass SpectrometryHamid, Hinna; Gupta, Monica
2007-09-25T09:41:57ZMathematical Concepts for ChemistsPal, Sourav; Jain, DVS
2007-10-21T07:04:48ZMeaning of applied, action and development anthropologyKaur, Suninder
2008-08-21T09:17:34ZMechanism of enzyme actionKayastha, Arvind M; Sanwal, G.G.
2008-09-05T10:01:57ZMedicinal and Aromatic Plants in IndiaMaiti, Satyabrata; Geetha, K. A.; Khanuja, S.P.S
2007-09-19T04:10:06ZMedicinal PlantsSahu, T. R.; Vashistha, B D
2008-01-29T06:18:44ZMembrane BiochemistryTaneja, Veena; Gupta, P. D.
2008-03-14T09:13:37ZMetallogenyDeb, Mihir; Kaur, Gurmeet; Sarkar, S.C.
2009-03-09T10:08:32ZMetamorphosisArora, Rajni
2008-10-10T10:14:22ZMethod of Analysis and Assay: Miscellaneous Methods of AnalysisShahar Yar, M.; Khan, M.S.Y.
2008-10-10T06:38:45ZMethod of Analysis and Assay: Non-Aqueous TitrationsShahar Yar, M.; Khan, M.S.Y.
2008-04-10T11:21:02ZMethod of Analysis and Assay: PotentiometryAkhtar, Mymoona; Mishra, Pradeep
2007-07-31T06:39:23ZMethods of studying microorganismsGoyal, Dinesh; Gaur, Y.D.
2008-03-13T06:19:49ZMicrobial degradation of grains, oil seeds, textiles, wood, corrosion of metals and bioleaching of mineral oresJain, P. C.; Subhash Chand
2013Microbial Degradation of HydrocarbonsKothari, Vijay; Panchal, Meera; Srivastava, Namrata
2008-05-22T04:39:32ZMicrobial interactions with inorganic pollutants: acid mine drainage, microbial accumulation of heavy metals and radionuclidesDave, S. R.; Satyanarayana, T.
2008-05-23T05:32:20ZMicrobial production of Flavours and fragrances; Fats and oils; Dyes; Bioplastics (PHAs); Polysaccharides; Pharmacologically active substances from marine microbes; Anti-cancer agents and Microbial biotransformationBhalla, Tek Chand; Sharma, Monica; Sharma, Nitya Nand; Satyanarayana, T.
2008-05-26T05:20:44ZMicrobial Treatment of Domestic and Industrial Wastes for Bioenergy ProductionKalia, V.C.; Subhash Chand