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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-10-12T06:28:17ZIntroduction to Agriculture ExtensionChauhan, Jitendra; Hansra, B S
2008Introduction to Bibliometrics and Tools for Organizing ReferencesGrothkopf, Uta
2007-05-15T06:54:19ZIntroduction to Biophysical and Biochemical TechniquesMisra, M. K.; Misra, P.C.
2008-06-19T04:29:57ZIntroduction to Biotechnology and Recombinant DNA TechnologyBhatnagar, Rakesh; Dubey, Ashok K.
2010Introduction to Cancer BiologyHejmadi, Momna
2011Introduction to Clinical Biochemistry: Interpreting Blood ResultsBasten, Graham
2009Introduction to Ecology-
2008-03-13T11:22:21ZIntroduction to HerbicidesVarshney, Jay G.; Sondhia, Shobha; Bhan, Dr. V.M.
2009-10-08T11:48:17ZIntroduction to LinuxPund, Mukesh
2007-05-15T11:23:01ZIntroduction to Metabolism and BioenergeticsBaquer, Najma Z.; Srivastava, Lalit Mohan
2008Introduction to MetadataGill, Tony; Gilliland, Anne J; Whalen, Maureen; Woodley, Mary S.
24-02-2006Introduction to PaleoanthropologySpeakman, David
2008-06-10T11:12:12ZIntroduction to Plant BiotechnologyRai, Rhitu; Singh, B.B.
2008-01-23T11:41:40ZIntroduction to the CellToteja, Ravi; Singh, Sukh Mahendra
2008-03-14T04:42:09ZIntroduction to Weed ManagementSingh, R P
2007Introduction: The Nature of Science and BiologyFarabee, Mike J.
2008-05-30T10:03:07ZIntroductory Plant PathologySingh, D.V.; Nagarajan, S.
2008-03-05T11:37:06ZIrrigation MethodsSingh, Subedar; Sharma, R.K.; Pal, Dr. Mahendra
2008-03-04T08:41:26ZIrrigation Water ResourcesBhattacharya, A.K.
2009-06-26T07:35:12ZIsolation and Isolating MechanismsSaxena, Tanushree; Dinkar, Renu