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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-11-30T11:24:35ZFlower, Sexual and Vegetative Reproduction, and Significance of SeedPandey, Arun K.; Sood, Prof. S.K.
2007-10-21T08:43:38ZFolklore: literature, art craft and musicGupta, Charu Smita
2007-05-24T10:34:46ZFood as substrate for microorganismsReddy, Gopal; Prajapati, J.B.
2007-05-24T10:41:55ZFood Borne Diseases and ControlReddy, Gopal; Prajapati, J.B.
2011Food Chains and Webs-
2007-12-10T06:22:38ZFood Contamination and AdulterationMukul Das; Srivastava, K.K.
2007-10-11T06:23:10ZFood PreservationGupta, Rakesh Kumar; Sannabhadti, S.S.
2007-11-14T05:57:17ZFood spoilage, food infections and intoxications caused by microorganisms and methods for their detectionDilbaghi, Neeraj; Sharma, S.; Sannabhadti, S.S.
2008-02-04T10:52:48ZFrench BeanAhlawat, I.P.S.; Gautam, R.C
2009-08-28T06:53:31ZFriendly FermentationShewale, J. G.
2009-01-29T09:10:37ZFundamental Concepts of Organic ChemistrySrivastava, Anju; Singh, A K
2008-01-24T11:25:54ZFundamentals of Electrically Conducting PolymersBakhshi, A.K.; Verma, G.L.
2007-10-03T05:42:18ZFundamentals of Linguistic AnthropologyMehta, Shalini
2008-12-05T10:23:23ZFundamentals of Molecular SpectroscopyBhattacharya, Kankan
2008-11-07T06:43:05ZFundamentals of Organic Chemistry including Reaction MechanismsAhmad, Shamim; Minu, Maninder
2007-09-25T09:52:39ZFundamentals of Quantum ChemistryPal, Sourav; Jain, DVS
2008-10-08T10:07:34ZFundamentals of Volumetric AnalysisShahar Yar, M.; Khan, M.S.Y.
2008-08-07T10:04:56ZFungal biochemistry and applicationsUsha Sarma, P.; Sarkar, D. P.
2007-09-24T05:32:19ZFungi - IBagyaraj, D.J.; Kapoor, Rupam
2007-09-24T11:16:57ZFungi – IIRoy, A.K.; Kapoor, Rupam