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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-01-20computerpal, atul
2007-10-03T09:45:44ZConcept of DNA and RNAKumar, Satish
2007-10-03T10:57:39ZConcept of Human Physical Growth and DevelopmentBose, Kaushik
2008-03-10T09:48:43ZConcepts of Rainfed AgricultureGautam, R.C; Rao, J V; Pal, Dr. Mahendra
2008-04-16T07:35:57ZConservation and Management of Soil and Water resourcesAnand Swarup; Purakayastha, T. J.
2009-08-28T11:08:53ZConservation LawsCrowell, Benjamin
2008-06-19T10:26:47ZConservation TillageSharma, A.R.; Behera, U.K.; Singh, Panjab
2012-04-24T08:53:29ZContents - An Introduction to Stochastic ProcessesGoyal, Babita
2008-05-28T09:42:25ZControl of Fertility and Sterility in FemaleKrishna, Amitabh; Roy, Vikas Kumar; Misro,M.M.
2010-03Copyright for LibrariansWilliam Fisher
2008-02-20T05:23:26ZCottonGangaiah, B.; Gautam, R.C
2008-05-23T05:19:44ZCrop Diseases and their ManagementAhlawat, Y.S.; Nagarajan, S.
2008-02-20T11:45:47ZCrops for Fodder: Fodder Sorghum (Jowar), Maize (Fodder), Pearl Millet (Bajra) (Fodder), Cowpea, Clusterbean (Guar), Guinea Grass, Napier X Bajra Hybrid (Nbh)Gangaiah, B.; Gautam, R.C
2008-04-21T06:57:11ZCrystallizationKhanam, Jasmina; Iqbal, Zeenat
2008Cultivation of Hybrid Papya & Post Harvest Handling-
2009-04-09T05:39:08ZCultural Anthropology’s big namesCulbertson, Howard
2007-09-18T11:25:01ZCultural EvolutionGhosh, Abhik
2007-09-19T03:45:06ZCulture and PersonalitySubba, T B
2008-04-07T07:17:31ZCulture of Freshwater PrawnBanerjee, T.K.