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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-04-23T09:51:34ZChapter 10 - Decision Making in Finance: Capital BudgetingGoyal, Babita
2012-04-23T09:56:31ZChapter 11 - Decision Making in Finance: Time Value of Money, Cost of Capital and Dividend PolicyBabita, Goyal
2012-04-23T10:06:19ZChapter 12 - Risk Analysis and ReturnsGoyal, Babita
2009-05-05T05:55:20ZChapter 1: Introduction: From Science to ComputationPrathap, Gangan
2012-04-23T06:50:17ZChapter 2 - Decision making under risk: No data problemGoyal, Babita
2012-04-24T08:48:10ZChapter 2 - Markov Chains - IGoyal, Babita
2009-05-05T06:35:05ZChapter 2: Paradigms and some approximate solutionsPrathap, Gangan
2012-05-03T10:02:20ZChapter 3 - Decision making under risk: Data problemGoyal, Babita
2012-04-24T09:02:02ZChapter 3 - Markov Chains-IIGoyal, Babita
2009-05-05T06:53:29ZChapter 3: Completeness and continuity: How to choose shape functions?Prathap, Gangan
2012-04-26T06:37:20ZChapter 4 - Continuous Time Markov ChainsGoyal, Babita
2012-04-23T08:21:44ZChapter 4 - Decision Making Using UtilityGoyal, Babita
2009-05-05T07:33:40ZChapter 4: Convergence and ErrorsPrathap, Gangan
2012-04-26T06:42:39ZChapter 5 - Branching ProcessesGoyal, Babita
2012-05-03T10:07:38ZChapter 5 - Sequential Decision MakingGoyal, Babita
2009-05-05T09:52:08ZChapter 5: The locking phenomenaPrathap, Gangan
2012-04-23T08:28:47ZChapter 6 - Game Theory- Normal Form GamesGoyal, Babita
2012-04-26T06:48:47ZChapter 6 - Renewal Theory and ProcessesBabita, Goyal
2009-05-05T11:00:42ZChapter 6: Shear lockingPrathap, Gangan
2012-04-23T09:20:11ZChapter 7 - Game Theory- Extensive Form GamesGoyal, Babita